The Story

Ameer Mehtr previously trained with the Syrian national swimming team in the capital Damascus. He realised his only chance of starting a new life in the EU was to take his chances swimming the six Kilometers across the Aegan Sea from Turkey to the Greek island of Samos.




Amanuddin came from Afghanistan (so does not qualify for asylum) and could not read or write in his own language, because the Taliban would not let them go to school.  He now lives with 100 other men in portacabins in a Bavarian village.  The local Helferkreis organised for him (along with 30 other similar men) to be sent on a specialist ABC course to learn German, which costs €7,500 for the basic 300 hours.


Now, he has enough German, and was proud to say that he was able to read a poster advertising a Bike Flea market in Munich. He traveled there to buy himself a second hand bike, as there are not enough donated for all the men, which meant he had almost no money to eat that month, but is proud that he now frequently rides to Dachau to the job center.

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